Crazy Red Balls

Crazy Red Balls is a new ElectroSwing band from Barcelona. Powerful sound, catchy rhythm and entertaining show!

Starting with traditional jazz, in 2019 the guys came to the dark side of the force – ElectroSwing. The band creates original songs and uses specially recorded old style samples for it. As an international band, Crazy Red Balls collaborates with musicians all over the world.

Vladimir Uspenskii (Russia) – vocal, guitar, banjo, songwriting
Julio MarKs (Brazil) – baritone sax, electronic stuff, sound producing
Sergio Mesa (Spain) – vocal, double bass, percussion (acoustic composition of the band)

This is ElectroSwing revival, baby!

New Single
ULULU by Crazy Red Balls ft. Balkan Paradise Orchestra

"BOM BOM" album cover picture

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Second Single
BOM BOM by Crazy Red Balls

"BOM BOM" album cover picture

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First EP!
ElectroSwing / Gypsy / Cumbia / Balkan
THANK YOU by Crazy Red Balls

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